The Philosophy

Shibui - perfect as it is.

"Shibui" is a Japanese philosophical principle that values minimalism and the beauty in simplicity and natural imperfections. 

Grown in our native Egyptian soil, the Egyptian Manfaluti Pomegranate is imperfect with its odd shapes and shells, but is flawless rich with ruby red juicy insides, making it a perfect reflection of our Shibhui principles.

We highlight the rawness of the fruit, unhindered and used in all its natural essence and glory.

The final product from only a single ingredient - pure cold hand-pressed Egyptian Manfaluti pomegranate juice.

Pure Unfiltered | No additives | No preservatives  

Only 100%  pomegranate goodness.

Our Values

We value humblenes, and the effortless exquisiteness of what is left untouched.

We pay ode to the purity of the pomegranate, carrying the modern tale of Japanese sensibilities in fusion with Egyptian rural traditions.