The Fruit

AKKA is a product of Egyptian land, seeded and grown in its pure soil by the local hands of the fellah, the backbone of Egyptian culture and traditions.

Our ruby red pomegranates come from Manfalut, which is located along the fertile crescent of Upper Egypt Asyut – the richest of its kind in the world. The area is reputed for its rich soils where Ancient Kemetians Egyptians once walked.

The specific Manfaluti Pomegranate we picked is from a farm grown by Hosni who goes to great efforts to ensure his product is organic and what matters to him is what's on the inside regardless of how imperfect it may look on the outside. This ideology aligns with us very comfortably.

The Life Fruit

Healing Properties

The Process

Made with love, mindfulness, and utmost respect to nature's gifts.

It all starts in Asyut, in Autumn, where the harvesting of the purest quality of Manfaluti pomegranates happens.

Our process is slow; in flow with the pace of nature and the environment.

At AKKA, we take pride in our production principles, inspired by the Japanese shibhui culture, where everything is presented with simple, subtle and unobtrusive methods to preserve natural beauty.

The extraction of the juices is a delicate process that we only make by hand. Here, machines cannot replace human labor in production as they could damage the seeds and fibers of the pomegranate arils, resulting in unbalanced flavors and bitterness. Being a time consuming process, most commercial entities avoid this delicate step.

Such hand-made meticulousness is paralleled on other activities - bottling, labeling, and wrapping - to ensure maximum quality control.

"I don’t add or take away anything from the juices to speed up the process; I’m waiting for the environment to tell me it’s ready. When it comes to all-natural products, it’s a waiting game"