We cherish your curiosity!
Here are the most sought after questions for your convenience. Feel free to send us an email if you could not find what you are looking for and our team will assist you right away.

What are your main ingredients?

AKKA only uses 100% freshly hand-pressed pomegranate juice in the making of your products. No other additional ingredients, such as water, sugar, supplementary fruits, or man-made ingredients, are included. We are 100% additives and preservatives free, keeping the natural components of the juice do all the work.

What is the residue that I see in my bottle?

These are the natural fibers of the pomegranate after being manually juiced. They are full of the fruit's original nutritional properties and are safe to consume. That is why we do not filter our final products to help you take full advantage of these components in the best way possible.

What is the expiry date of these products?

All our products are naturally fermented, and the fermentation process is a natural preservative allowing a long shelf life for our produce. However, some health authorities do recommend a 1 year shelf life.

What is your return policy?

If you have purchased the wrong product, we will gladly help you return it for the one that you need, only if it hasn't been opened and the seal sticker on the cork has not been tampered with to ensure the safety of the product for other potential users. Just contact the AKKA team for assistance at info@pureakka.com.

Do you have a physical store?

Currently, our store is only present online. However, you can access our products and staff physically in any pop-up events that will happen across the year. Sign-up for our newsletters to remain updated with such events or follow us on instagram /pureakka. 

Do I have to make a reservation before arriving at the AKKA Lab?

No. The Lab is open from 5pm till late. However, the AKKA Lab is not a restaurant. It is an open space that is prepared to welcome anyone at anytime to cook, eat, read, work, watch a movie or just unwind overlooking the sunset. Reservations may only be required during special events or workshops to control safe capacity.