Refreshing 5-Ingredient Mango Chili Sorbet

Here is the perfect "pick-me-up" on a hot summer day or simply on all days of the year! A sweet fragrant bite of ice-cold mango pairs gracefully with tarty sweet flavors of AKKA pomegranate molasses. With a twist of chili and sea salt, you are looking into a quick exotic summer escape.

by Chef Alia El Askalany



4 cups of fresh mango juice

5 tbsp honey

2 lemons, squeezed

1 tsp chili flakes finely crushed

AKKA pomegranate molasses, as needed

Smoked Salt


mango sorbet in a glass cup with akka molasses drizzling on top


In a sauce pan, stir together the mango juice, honey, lemon juice, and place on medium heat. When it bubbles and rises, directly remove off heat.

Let it cool then mix in the chili flakes. Place sorbet mix in a box and into the freezer for 8hrs or overnight. Make sure to mix once to twice with a fork so it doesn't crystalize, and place it back in the freezer.

Scoop out your portion and drizzle with AKKA Molasses; try with a teaspoon per scoop and add as needed. For an exotic aroma, sprinkle a pinch of smoked salt.

mango juice heating in a sauce pansmall dried chilis